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In an effort to preserve the dignity of this beautiful family, some details have been left out and names have been removed. Jesus is all that truly matters, anyway.


If I could sum up into two words everything that I learned from that Somali family, it is this:

God is.

When the ten-year-old with PTSD looked at me with her haunted eyes and told me Christians weren’t welcome in her house, God was.

When the four sisters could not get along and we had to pack up our matching game and flash cards and broken crayons and leave for the day, God was.

When the mom was exhausted and hid in her room crying for reasons nobody knew about, God was.

When that grimy apartment’s air condition broke again and Ramadan started and the spiritual oppression was more than my heart could handle, God was.

But then…

When the mom put her had on mine and said in the Somali words I am learning to understand, “You are my daughter and you are always welcome here.”

God was.

And when the the eleven-year-old squeeled every time she saw a picture of a butterfly, and whispered,

“Somalia. Butterflower.”

God was.

When the girls poured sugar into our hands and coffee so much that is tasted grainy, and we later learned that this was a sign of high honor….oh yes, God was.

When sweet ten-year-old was healed of her anger and the mom found a job and we sat on the floor talking about life in Somalia and she told me that the rest of her family was moving to America as well…

God. Was.

In all things God was and is and is to come. Bringer of Peace and Light and Truth. Healer of sore throats, mental illness, and broken hearts, jealous for the darkest soul.

These girls and their mother are still unsaved, but God makes all things new, and His powerful purpose will prevail.

Our God is.


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  1. Wow! This is beautiful! God is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I am praying for that loved family!


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